Close the Strategy-Execution Gap

Now more than ever companies need to be agile and respond quickly to market shifts. This can only be accomplished by closing the gap between strategic planning and execution. Without a digitally interconnected organization with a clear line of sight to strategic objectives and trustworthy data for decision-making, there can be no alignment of initiatives, people, and resources around corporate objectives.


Making Strategy Real is not Simple

95% of a company’s workforce doesn’t understand its business strategy.

46% of organizations aren’t ready to execute new business strategies in response to rapid change.

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Obsolete AOP Process

Traditional annual operating plan (AOP) initiatives quickly become irrelevant.

Difficulty Shifting Gears

Communicating and implementing changes across the organization is time-consuming and cumbersome, requiring manual rework prone to human error.

Disconnected Organization

Functional “silos” compounded by outdated tools result in a lack of harmony and transparency between people and other resources.

Transformation Begins Here

All organizations have strategic goals and many adopt initiatives to drive organizational change forward. But digitally connecting and managing strategic initiatives and their desired outcomes with the operational activities required to execute them is a challenge without the right software.

Gartner recommends business leaders invest in Strategy Execution software to align business units with corporate strategy and close the persistent execution gap.1

Get the tools and capabilities your company needs to develop living, enterprise-wide strategic plans for improving business performance that connect through and across your organization with Accolade.


  • Align strategies and operational activities
  • Enable a clear line-of-sight from strategy to initiatives for executing the plan
  • Increase engagement and input from stakeholders as they participate in the planning and execution process
  • Dynamically update plans for rapid responses to changing market conditions
  • Analyze portfolios for gaps and overlaps – expose redundant work and wasted resources; understand where improvements need to be made to meet strategic objectives
“Corporations will not survive in the digital age unless they adopt a new digital operating model that allows them to move faster than their outside markets while operating within corporate strategic guidelines and governance.”
Andy Michuda, Chief Executive Officer, Sopheon

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1 2017 Gartner Market Guide for Strategy Execution Management Software

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