What is InnovationOps?

How do companies innovate? 

Businesses need constant innovation. But for the past 20 years, over 50% of innovation attempts have fallen short, causing frustration and wasted resources. Successful companies embrace InnovationOps to cut waste, increase success rates, and drive impactful innovation throughout the organization. Let's evolve innovation and unlock our full potential. 

InnovationOps – a transformative framework that integrates innovation into every aspect of our organization. By embracing InnovationOps, we can make innovation a part of our everyday operations and unlock the full potential of our business.

What are the innovation jobs to be done? 

Crucial to success is focusing on the innovation jobs that must be accomplished, regardless of organizational boxes and titles. The four main jobs are managing discovery, products, projects, and governance and portfolios.  



The challenge is not getting more ideas, but rather choosing the best vetted and tested ideas.

Need a systematic process to vet the problem/opportunity you’re trying to solve and identify
the best solutions/ideas.

Capture insights from contrasting original assumptions against results to apply to future ideas and products during discovery.


The challenge is managing product-related data to assess product health, make informed decisions, and keep stakeholders informed quickly and easily.

Need to keep connected with who the innovation is for, what we are doing for them, and the outcomes we are trying to achieve for them.

By aligning teams and stakeholders around the various tradeoffs and outcomes, companies ensure that products and innovations meet the needs of their intended customers.



The challenge is constantly balancing project scope, time, and resources.

Need real-time visibility and data-driven planning, tracking, and decision-making to keep projects on time and on budget.

Keeping teams in sync and up to date ensures risk and issues are addressed early and quickly, keeping projects healthy and on track.

Governance & Portfolios

The challenge is establishing robust governance structures and clear portfolio management strategies to drive innovation at scale.

Need to ensure that time, people, and resources are allocated wisely, keeping the various ideas, products, and projects aligned with strategic objectives while managing risks and ensuring reliable and predictable innovation results.

Sharing information across the organization is vital for transparency, agility, adaptability, and collaboration. 


Our InnovationOps Ebook

Check out our ebook for more information on how InnovationOps can help you innovate at scale.

Are your innovation tools built for purpose? 

Sopheon delivers purpose-built innovation software tools that form the InnovationOps foundation needed to drive collaboration, build a culture of innovation, and make data-driven decisions. With Sopheon's support, your organization can embark on an exciting journey toward becoming a true innovation leader, making InnovationOps work seamlessly across your entire organization. 

InnovationOps is the key to unleashing your organization's innovation potential. By embracing this transformative approach, companies can achieve innovation excellence, driving growth and competitiveness. Let's embark on this journey together and revolutionize the way you innovate    

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