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As a software company, neither our staffing nor supply chain has been impacted in any way. We have enforced a preemptive corporate work-from-home policy to enable everyone to comply with governmental guidelines in each region, as appropriate. Non-essential travel has been restricted, and all in-person business meetings, consulting engagements and training workshops have been moved to online platforms. Phones have been rerouted so all staff, in particular Application Support service representatives, are available on the regular number customers are accustomed to using to reach them. We do not anticipate any further impact to our organization in this regard. Read about our Accolade Disruption Response Toolkit here. Questions? Click here.

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Our customers use our enterprise innovation management software and services to align and connect their organization, drive best-practice innovation processes and enable fast, iterative decision-making in the face of increased pressures
from ever-evolving markets.

Covid-19 Essential Workers

To all of the essential workers who are on the front lines of this pandemic working hard to keep us all safe - we'd like to say


What is Enterprise Innovation Management?

Enterprise Innovation Management goes beyond new ideas and new products. It encompasses the innovation of the enterprise – managing all the investments a company makes to grow, win market share, and create more value.

New Product Development
New Technology Development
New Service Development
Operational Excellence
Cost Savings

Business Transformation
Business Model Innovation
Corporate Strategy Initiatives
Strategic Growth Initiatives

How to Assign the Right Metrics to Drive Portfolio Performance

To stay relevant and competitive, companies must make smart decisions about portfolio investments. Choosing the right metrics to drive portfolio performance is critical to success as what you measure impacts how you make decisions.

Explore typical portfolio and project evaluation metrics and dive into what the metrics indicate, the decision-making behaviors they drive and potential consequences of using them.


Sopheon's Enterprise Innovation Framework

Innovation Decision Support Platform

After over 15 years supporting innovation management, we know that achieving world-class innovation performance is a journey.
Our Innovation Management Consultants can guide your path to innovation maturity.


Stage-Gate® is a registered trademark of Stage-Gate Inc.

Cross-Functional Teams, Cross-Functional Value

Successful innovation is largely dependent on effective cross-functional communication and collaboration. Accolade provides value for everyone involved in the innovation process, from executives to process owners and knowledge workers. Whatever your contribution and whatever your role, Accolade is there for you.

  • Executive Management
  • Research & Development
  • Marketing & Innovation
  • IT
  • Finance
  • Operations

Improve the Results of your Innovation Programs with Best Practices and Processes specific to your Industry


It's About Trust and Partnership

“Accolade provides us with a flexible backbone for managing our innovation projects, and allows our senior management to have complete visibility...Now we can prioritize our work more effectively and get our best new products to market faster.”
Manfred Hauptreif, Manager, Science Relations/Innovation Management, BASF
"We are confident that with Accolade, Parker will continue to yield even more high-value products for our customers, long into the future. We view the software as being critical to helping create sustainable competitive advantage for our company.”
Craig Maxwell, VP, Technology and Innovation, Parker Hannifin
“We support our hardware development processes with Accolade as well as the Agile processes for our Software Development. Accolade is so flexible it lets you do what you need to do. You can really support any process necessary and Accolade will facilitate it.”
Bruno Marchand, Vice President R&D, IBA Dosimetry GmbH
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