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What's the big idea?

Acclaim Ideas is the only idea management tool you need to find, align, test and deliver the best ideas in your organization.

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90% of innovation fails to deliver on its goals

While building Acclaim Ideas, we spoke to more than 100 innovation professionals to understand why this was happening. Lack of methodology, measurement and alignment were identified as the root causes, so we designed an innovation management solution with...

A proven

Providing a proven and consistent workflow that any organisation can use to manage innovation.

Metrics and

Making it easy to measure, manage and optimize innovation output and ROI.

Total strategic alignment

Helping you prioritize ideas that work towards strategic objectives and deprioritize those that don’t.

Manage the entire concept and idea development process and accelerate innovation outcomes

Helping innovation teams

  • Accelerate delivery using a proven workflow that takes ideas from strategy and ideation through to prototyping and final delivery
  • Save time by managing your entire ideation process and tracking from one tool
  • Increase the visibility of your innovation team and better integrate with the wider business and stakeholders

Helping your senior stakeholders

  • Easily identify the best ideas to sponsor
  • Calculate ROI and keep track of innovation impact
  • Optimize innovation team performance

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