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Define your strategic vision and how you’ll get there.

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Acclaim Ideas - Strategy
Strategy - Share your vision

Share your vision

Communicate your vision and mission, and the role it plays in creating value:

  • Capture the vision and mission for your entire organization or specific regions and departments
  • Demonstrate how your vision and mission align with your innovation strategy
  • Create a place where anyone can go for a refresh on the strategy and how it’s being executed
Why is this useful?

It ensures that you’re always focussed on achieving strategic objectives and not innovating for its own sake.

Set objectives and work towards them

Break long-term strategies into challenges or OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) that can be assigned to members of your team:

  • Set objectives and track your progress against them
  • Assign to senior responsible owners to drive vision and engagement
  • Develop key results to provide tangible success criteria for each objective
  • Easily review the status and latest activity
Why is this useful?

It gives you a framework you can follow to achieve your objectives and clarity about who’s responsible for what.

Strategy - Set goals and work towards them
Strategy - Ensure strategic alignment

Ensure strategic alignment

Prioritize ideas that align with your objectives and filter ones that don’t:

  • Cluster new ideas around campaigns
  • Filter ideas by campaigns to see all of the ideas related to your strategy
  • Prioritize ideas with the highest impact or strategic value
Why is this useful?

It makes sure that your team isn't investing time and effort in ideas which aren’t strategically aligned.

Encourage accountability and ownership

Highlight your innovators and show who’s responsible for each campaign or key result:

  • Build interdisciplinary teams around campaigns
  • Show stakeholders who they should contact for information
  • Assign key results within campaigns to different people to divide up the work
Why is this useful?

It makes it clear for everyone involved who is accountable for the delivery of strategic objectives and their key results.

Strategy - Encourage accountability and ownership
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