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90% of innovation fails to deliver on its goals

The global cost of this failure is in the trillions – £65 billion in the UK alone. While building Acclaim Ideas, we spoke to more than 100 enterprise innovation professionals to try and understand why this was happening.





We identified three root causes of innovation failure.


Lack of methodology

Innovation processes are inconsistent, fragmented and poorly-defined.


Lack of measurement

Because innovation isn’t properly defined, it’s also hard to measure.

Strategic Alignment

Lack of alignment

This lack of consistency and measurement means that innovation isn’t seen as integral to the day-to-day business.

How does Acclaim Ideas help

Acclaim Ideas helps customers innovate better by solving each of these three problems.


A proven methodology

Providing a proven and consistent workflow that any organisation can use to manage innovation.


Metrics and dashboards

Making it easy to measure, manage and optimise innovation output and ROI.

Strategic Alignment

Total strategic alignment

Helping you prioritize ideas that work towards strategic objectives and deprioritize those that don’t.

How does this benefit innovation leaders?

Acclaim Ideas is the only innovation management solution that gives you...


Consistent outcomes

Because you’re able to manage everything from one place, using the same workflow.


Buy-in from stakeholders

Because you’re able to measure and communicate your progress in a way that anyone can understand.

Strategic Alignment

More strategic value

Because all of your innovation efforts are focused on long-term objectives.

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