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Your decision command center for innovation management, new product development, and R&D

Gain complete visibility to your organization's innovation process, make smarter decisions, and improve your time-to-value. Accolade® by Sopheon is the innovation management product that empowers organizations to consistently identify, evaluate, and execute against the right strategic priorities.

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A live screenshot of the Accolade innovation software displays various portfolio project financial metrics.

Get to market faster with the right mix of products

With full transparency to strategic direction, R&D and business value, product and portfolio decisions, and innovation plans, Accolade connects the organization and empowers all teams to be strategic and agile when responding to marketplace change and to delivering new products. Accolade is your complete enterprise innovation management product.

The Sopheon advantage

See why more than 125,500+ professionals in over 50 countries use Accolade innovation software

Forever finding new ways forward is how the most innovative organizations keep achieving profitable futures. We have more than 20 years of experience providing software and expertise to the world’s leading innovators focused on making smarter decisions related to investing and delivering products to market.

See what our customers have to say about working with Sopheon.

"The beauty of this Accolade implementation is that we really are creating one single source of truth, not only for having all our products, but also for managing our portfolio resources in the same location."

“At BASF, Accolade enables data-based steering of individual R&D projects as well as whole innovation portfolios."

“The unprecedented enterprise-wide transparency provided by the Sopheon Accolade platform allows us to know what’s going on in new product commercialization before, during, and after launch. Additionally, Accolade’s unique portfolio management capabilities provide business leaders with planning and performance insights required to govern the millions of dollars 3M invests in innovation.”

Organizations that use Accolade innovation software achieve

Reduced time-to-market

Meet launch dates, secure competitive advantage and reduce time to market by 15-30%

Increased product success

Deliver on financial targets like volume, revenue, and profit, and increase product success rates up to 50%

Optimized value

Align and optimize strategic investments with operational execution and increase portfolio value 75-100%

Improved efficiency

Automate processes to improve pipeline throughput for an efficiency improvement of 10-20%

Govern efficiently and deliver more commercially successful products

Finely tune strategic innovation programs, optimize portfolio mixes and automate your new product development processes. Reduce confusion and improve time-to-market by effectively working any practice, such as waterfall, agile, lean, phase gate, or a hybrid approach. We help many of our customers combine methodologies to create and automate what's best for them.

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software that's right for you.
A live screenshot of the Accolade innovation software displays an overview of an organization's portfolio.
A live screenshot of the Accolade innovation software displays a business unit's portfolio overview.

Ensure R&D and product investments are focused on the right programs

Connect business to strategy and focus on fewer, bigger, and better innovation investments. With up-to-date data insights illuminating gaps and opportunities, you can steer product and brand portfolios to meet your short- and long-term strategic goals. And when plans change, so can your portfolio mix.

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Core functionality

Accolade innovation management

Track strategy execution progress and keep your stakeholders informed. Accolade is a collaborative workspace that can help you produce a reliable pipeline of strategic and high-value products. And it’s available securely from the cloud.

Accolade provides the capabilities your organization needs to tackle:



Portfolio planning and management

Process governance and automation

Are you looking to leverage your enterprise data for better decisions in product innovation?

What our customers say

Single source of truth for confident decision making

Novelis drives sustainable innovation with Accolade

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Welch's fuels innovation with Accolade

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BASF drives innovation through strategic business alignment

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