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Dynamically Align Resources with the Best New Product Development Opportunities using Accolade Resource Planning

Do you have a mandate to produce more with the same or fewer resources? Faced with growing global competition and the threat of commoditization, many organizations have restructured or resized, and are being challenged to do more with less. But at the same time, you know that getting new products to market on time is a formidable challenge. Success often depends on being able to efficiently manage limited product development resources and avoid critical resource bottlenecks.

Decisions on how to allocate limited resources have a direct impact on the number and timing of active innovation initiatives and new product development projects in your pipeline. Well executed, innovation resource planning ensures that the most commercially viable and highest value projects receive first priority.

Sopheon's Accolade Resource Planning software provides real-time, detailed visibility of where and how product development resources are allocated, enabling planners to optimize utilization rates and avoid conflicts and over-commitments that lead to project delays and inefficiencies. The solution helps you objectively align resources with the most promising product innovation opportunities and reduce new product development cycles.

Resources can take any form you need – human, physical assets, financial resources, time, or whatever you need to consider for your innovation resource planning projects. Resources can be pools with less granularity or discrete separate entities.

With the Accolade strategic Resource Planning software, you can:

  • Improve the visibility of resource requests and related product planning dependencies.
  • Centrally track and evaluate resource deployments and decisions.
  • Dynamically adjust allocations to keep resources focused on high-priority projects.
  • Streamline the communication between team leaders and resource managers for product development planning.
Efficiently manage resource demands across multiple projects with highly visible bottlenecks Strategic Resource Planning

Analysis capabilities help you improve resource alignment and utilization to determine where gaps exist between capacity and demand. The solution’s sophisticated “what-if” analytical capabilities are used to evaluate trends in resource requirements, explore alternative resource scenarios, and assess your ability to satisfy resource requests over time.

What Customers Say

“Sopheon’s software solution enables us to incorporate input from regulatory affairs, product stewardship, marketing, and operations—not just R&D. Now we can readily determine if a project is in trouble or quickly identify 'showstoppers'. [The solution] helps us ensure that we make our highest-value projects our first priority."
Wim Vanderpoorten, Director of Innovation, Cytec Specialty Chemicals

Cytec Case Study

Download the Cytec case study

With the Accolade platform you have comprehensive visibility for planning and optimizing your innovation resource planning with your product and Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) status and objectives.

Learn more about how you can use Accolade for Resource Planning to produce winning new product ideas:

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