Stage-Gate Innovation Process and Automation

According to research by Nielsen, companies that have gated innovation processes average 130% more new product revenue than companies with informal processes1.

Gated or phase-based innovation processes (one of the most well-known of which is the Stage-Gate® process) are the backbone of innovation for many companies. For over 75% of businesses today, gated processes are the means by which they bring new product ideas and strategic innovation initiatives to life.

Gated processes are specialized business processes used by business teams and executive decision-makers to ensure the best use of limited resources with the strategic business investments most likely to benefit the company. Gated processes such as the Stage-Gate innovation process are primarily:

  1. Focused on high-risk, high-uncertainty, complex investment decisions. Gated processes are strategic, knowledge-intensive, and typically made iteratively to manage the risk and complexity.
  2. Gated processes are deliverable-centric to support good decision-making by requiring the creation of deliverables that contain evidence and business data owned by diverse business teams.
  3. Gated innovation processes are inherently cross-functional, requiring a high degree of coordination and communication across each function of the business (sales & marketing, R&D, operations, finance, etc.) to ensure alignment and the best decisions.
Full Stage-Gate Process

Sopheon’s Accolade solution supports more than the classic Stage-Gate methodology and processes, including, but not limited to, the following additional methodologies and processes:

  • Accelerated Stage-Gate
  • Agile Development
  • Basic Research
  • Capital Projects
  • Cost Reduction
  • DFSS
  • DoD 5000
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • M&A
  • Pace®
  • Phase Gate
  • Simple
  • Strategic Initiatives
  • Technology Development
  • And more…

Our experience in partnering with companies representing many of world’s leading brands to improve innovation processes and practices, shows that lack of adopting a Stage-Gate innovation or other formal methodology along with the Stage-Gate process or alternatives, is one of four primary barriers to achieving sustainable market differentiation.

Accolade was the first product to be certified as Stage-Gate® Ready on Version 3 criteria by Stage-Gate International, and is now also certified for the newly-released Version 4 criteria for Team Agility.


Learn more about gated process and how you can achieve new levels of sustainable market differentiation to ensure your company’s business growth and success for years to come:

1Nielsen “Secret to Successful New Product Innovation: Keep the Boss Out of It”, 16 June 2010
Stage-Gate® is a registered trademark of Stage-Gate Inc.

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