Accolade Enterprise Innovation Management Software

Accolade is a cross-functional collaboration, decision-support software that helps intelligently navigate your business in our fast-moving, digital economy. Rich in embedded best practices, Accolade becomes the single source of truth that ensures innovation execution is aligned with corporate strategies. It gives business leaders the visibility and transparency needed to understand the future impacts of today’s decisions.


The Ultimate Decision Support Software

Dynamically manage shifting investments and initiative re-prioritizations due to changing markets with Accolade Enterprise Innovation Management software. Measure the success of these initiatives while steering your organization towards realizing growth goals. Visibility and transparency enable better, faster decisions that give you higher program and product portfolio values, more successful new products and services, shorter time-to-market and time-to-learning, and better performance results using the same resources.


  • Aligns innovation and new product/service/process investment decisions with strategic growth goals and resource capacity constraints.
  • Enables faster and better portfolio decisions, supported by automated optimizations, capacity planning and risk/reward analysis.
  • Reduces process inefficiencies stemming from poor execution and lack of cross-functional collaboration.
  • Increases revenues and profits from new products by focusing resources on the most commercially promising ideas and getting them to market faster.

“Accolade is the most complete tool we’ve found for supporting the business of innovation.”

Johan Hjertonsson , Director of Electrolux’s Consumer Innovation

“Accolade has streamlined our entire development process, enabling our global teams to work smarter, faster, and more cohesively.”

Marty Cohick, Greene, Tweed’s Project Manager Leader

Enterprise Support for the Innovation Lifecycle

Accolade enables large organizations to stay ahead of fast-moving markets and customer demands by enabling swift realignments of operating models, programs, portfolios and processes. Top brands worldwide use Accolade to increase organizational agility, remove unnecessary friction from innovation management processes, and standardize their innovation processes and governance.

Cross-functional collaboration capabilities with high levels of transparency then enable decision makers to answer tough questions backed by reliable data at all points in Sopheon’s Innovation Framework.

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