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Accelerate Your New Product Development with Mobile Innovation

Mobile access to work-related information is one of the fastest growing trends in business today:

  • 79% of employees use mobile devices to accomplish their jobs in the organizations surveyed.1
  • Workers increase productivity by 45% to accomplish day-to-day tasks using mobile apps.2

But mobile is not limited to routine tasks – you can use mobile innovation capabilities to improve communication and collaboration among team members, as well as for faster delivery of actionable information and more expedient decision-making in support of your innovation and new product development (NPD) initiatives and projects.

Accolade mobile innovation will benefit the complete range of stakeholders in your organization’s innovation process, from team members and process owners to executive decision makers. The world becomes your virtual office. You can access process data and project information wherever you are, whenever you want. For instance, your mobile users can track and view corporate innovation activity, review project status, and participate in decisions while traveling or out of the office.

Accolade Mobile process and project capabilities for mobile innovation
Accolade Mobile process and project capabilities for mobile innovation
Examples of Accolade Mobile process and project capabilities for mobile innovation.

With the Accolade mobile app you participate in your organization’s innovation process in a way that is familiar and intuitive, similar to the Accolade experience from your desktop:

  • Monitor and track innovation projects from anywhere, online or offline.
  • Keep up to date on the status of critical priorities and actions.
  • Receive instant notification of important decisions.
  • Quickly review and assess innovation initiatives and key deliverables.
  • Track what’s new in your organization’s innovation efforts and what’s changed.
advanced capabilities in Accolade Mobile
advanced capabilities in Accolade Mobile
Examples of more advanced capabilities in Accolade Mobile.
Another important advantage of the Accolade mobile app experience is that it mirrors the other digital experiences you are accustomed to in your everyday life.

The Accolade mobile app for iPhone® and iPad® is available immediately to current licensees of Sopheon’s Accolade Process Manager software for no additional cost and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store.

Accolade mobile app for iPhone® and iPad®

Learn more about how mobile innovation with Accolade Mobile can improve your innovation performance and business success:

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2Research by the Aberdeen Group