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Accolade Express for Project Portfolio Management

Sopheon’s Accolade Express is a family of out-of-the box offerings that quickly and economically serve up world-class innovation management and new product development (NPD) capabilities for all businesses. Best-practice templates, coupled with predefined implementation and consulting services, result in significantly faster time-to-value with implementation from project preparation and planning through to Go Live and health check in as little as 6 weeks!

With Sopheon’s Accolade Express for PPM you can manage and improve key innovation and new product development capabilities including:

  • The value of the innovation and NPD portfolio
  • The influx and development of high-value and relevant new ideas
  • The management of modifications and new product/service projects
  • The efficient development and launch of new products
  • Cross-functional collaboration and strategic decision making
  • Consistency in innovation and NPD process and project management
  • Visibility, availability and tracking of relevant information
  • Streamlined and automated project management
  • Ongoing evaluation of process effectiveness

Accolade Express for PPM is designed to enable a company to rapidly automate the NPD gated process and improve the maturity of critical innovation enabling processes. This is achieved by implementing out-of-the-box best practices, developed during Sopheon’s history with over 250 industry-leading customers that have achieved exceptional long-term growth and profitability through sustainable innovation with Sopheon’s software and services.

Accolade Express and Accolade Enterprise Innovation Management Comparison

Comparison of key value areas between Accolade Express and Accolade Enterprise Innovation Management.

Sopheon’s out-of-the-box Accolade Express for PPM offering is especially a good fit for companies that have the following business characteristics, which may prevent them from implementing enterprise-wide innovation management:

  • A need for rapid adoption of innovation best practices
  • Limited automation of innovation procedures
  • An outdated or ineffective innovation/NPD process framework
  • Limited internal IT support
  • Limited budget for software and services
  • A single business unit requiring an innovation management implementation
  • Need to quickly implement a baseline Stage-Gate® automation system and processes
  • Readiness to advance from a basic Stage-Gate® toolkit/template to a robust, integrated solution used by the world’s leading innovators.
Accolade Express for PPM is not a limited or light version of our Accolade solution. Built on the regular Accolade platform, it consists of the same robust capabilities and security model as the world-class Accolade Enterprise Innovation Management (EIM) software solution.

You now have affordable, quick start access to world-class innovation/NPD processes and best practices.

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