Market, Product & Technology Planning with Roadmapping

Do you know what you need to do, and when to do it, to achieve your market, product and technology goals in 3 years, in 5 years or even in 20 years? Roadmapping is the methodology and process to develop the strategic roadmap for your business over the medium- to long-term horizon.

To achieve the innovation performance you want, you need to use a holistic process that begins with strategy. You can’t just start evaluating plans and portfolios from where you are today. You must first stretch your thinking across horizons – perhaps beyond what you even think you can achieve – to define long-term, transformational goals.

These long-term goals may be different depending on your business and industry – for some of our customers it is three years, and for some it is 20 years or even longer – but it is always necessary to put a stake in the ground regarding ‘what you want to be when you grow up.’

This means asking what market opportunities will you address, what products will meet those needs, and what technologies do you need to invest in today to get there?

This requires creating roadmaps at different layers of the business:

  • Market roadmaps that can help identify potential long-term breakthrough opportunities.
  • Product roadmaps that ensure long-term differentiation.
  • Technology roadmaps help you plan for the long-term platform transformation.
  • Horizon plans can help you identify top-down, key strategies and objectives relating to key market opportunities, and ensure they extend into the long term.

Cross-functional, integrated strategy with Roadmapping

Developing a cross-functional, integrated strategy with Roadmapping

This big-picture, long-term view will help business leaders in your organization stretch their thinking beyond the short-term and focus on those market needs of highest-value for growth opportunities in the future. Regardless of your specific time horizons, the Roadmapping process to develop strategic roadmaps is the proven approach for success.

You can’t just focus on stacking existing projects without considering the strategic planning needed to consider the real business objectives of “where should these projects take us in the long-term?”

“Accolade brings Roadmapping to the next level, and thanks to this, the complexity is much more manageable. We have better visibility of interdependencies, effects and relationships.”

Florian Palatini, Expert Innovation Management, Endress+Hauser

If you need to develop and coordinate shorter-term ‘top-down’ strategic plans that align with your corporate annual operating plan business objectives, consider using the Strategic Planning process.

Learn more about Roadmapping and Innovation Strategic Planning:

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