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Acclaim Products FAQs

What can Acclaim Products do for me?

Acclaim Products is a complete workspace that enables product and innovation people to save time managing product activities.

If you spend countless hours assembling data from disparate tools, you will find relief in the ability to keep track of all things related to your product, such as features, value, effort, goals, and documents.

With Acclaim Products, you will:

  • Have Confidence in “the Why.” Achieve radical alignment and transparency on products being built between the team and its stakeholders.
  • Achieve goals by aligning needs and activities. Acclaim Products ensures that goals do not get lost in the everyday hustle of work. You can see a clear path between your goals and the work that needs to be done to accomplish the desired results.
  • Own the answers you need before you are asked for them. Hours spent assembling information from various tools to brief stakeholders is a thing of the past. You will always know where things stand with a clear tie between goals and key performance indicators.
  • Possess the details needed to make informed decisions. Every day, you must make and defend decisions that impact your product and the value it delivers. Acclaim Products provides the information needed to make smarter, faster decisions that lead to the most valuable customer experience.
  • Stay in control of product success: You will always have visibility into what’s working, what’s not, what’s coming, and what trade-off decisions need to be made to get the best results.
  • Provide quick, informed decision-making when things change or go off track. Shifting (and sometimes conflicting) priorities and changing requirements are part of the day in your life. With Acclaim Products, it is easy to identify and respond to the impact of changes to keep your product on track.
Who is the intended user of Acclaim Products?

Acclaim Products is designed by product people for product people. We understand the variety of roles a product person takes on throughout the course of their week, plus the various responsibilities they have to the business, their teams, and their customers. And they use a variety of tools that are designed for other purposes, i.e., product development tools, project management tools, spreadsheets, etc.

We are here to change that. Our team of current and former product and innovation people got together and built the tool that they wished they had. If you deal with managing the health and wellbeing of a product or product portfolio, you will find value in Acclaim Products.

Today’s product people need a tool that will enable them and their products to reach their highest potential. That’s why we built Acclaim Products.

How does Acclaim Products compare to other product development software?

Acclaim Products is built for product people. No matter the industry, if you are managing a physical, software, or hybrid product, Acclaim Products can help. It helps you remain in control of the various moving parts across the organization, “why” you are building it, the activities and features needed before it is considered done, and effortless accountability and progress to share with stakeholders.

Is Acclaim Products just another roadmapping tool?

No, it is so much more. Acclaim Products helps you define the roadmap of your product, but as you know, that is not all it takes to manage a product. Acclaim Products is designed to provide all the functions it takes to either get your product to market or manage its growth once in the market.

In addition to road mapping, Acclaim Products will also help you:

  • Track progress to your key performance metrics
  • Align your work to the company’s strategic initiatives
  • Check off all your deliverables
  • Track the deliverables of your cross-functional teams
  • Identify the work, then prioritize it based on its value and effort
  • Keep your team and your stakeholders informed about progress and delays
  • Make key decisions with all the data in one location
  • Be in control of your product’s success
Will there be new features added to Acclaim Products?

Yes! We met with over 100 product and innovation professionals in various industries to learn what struggles they encountered daily. From that, we identified how we could help. But this is just the start. We will learn from all our users and add and adjust features as we go. Feel free to provide feedback on the product using the “Feedback” tab in the lower right-hand corner of any page. We would love to hear from you!

What if I need something you don’t have?

Reach out and tell us about it. We chose the first features based on the struggles and needs of the product people we initially interviewed, and there is so much more we have planned. However, don’t let that stop you; there might be something you need that we haven’t yet considered, so reach out to us using the “Feedback” tab in the lower right corner of any page to tell us what job we need to do for you.

What if I try it out and it doesn’t work for me?

Please take a minute to tell us what we could do differently or what is missing. Since the product is ever-growing and changing, your feedback will help us improve. Please click the “Feedback” tab in the lower right corner of any page and share your thoughts. Perhaps after we respond, you might have an incentive to check back a little later and give us another try.

Is it really free forever?

Yes! You can use the Starter Plan Acclaim Products features to manage your product’s development or its lifecycle after launch. Of course, if you wish to manage more than one product or take advantage of some of the advanced features in the Professional or Teams version, you can upgrade and not lose your existing work.

I am interested in some of the features in your Professional plans; what can you tell me about them?

We are working hard to finalize the Professional plan features so you can upgrade with confidence, but more importantly, get many new ways to save time and be more in control of your daily product work. Stay tuned and check back frequently for updates.

When can I purchase the Professional or Professional Teams plan?

We expect to have the Professional plans ready and available for purchase in the fall of this year (2022). Check back frequently for updates.

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