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Mission control
for product people

Acclaim Products makes it possible for product people to track product health, prioritize trade-offs, inform stakeholders, and make decisions without having to spend hours cobbling information together.

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Empowering you to manage products throughout the entire lifecycle.

Acclaim Products workflow

Acclaim Products is the complete workspace for you.

If you spend hours assembling data from disparate tools not meant for product managers, you will find relief in the ability to keep track of all things related to your product, such as features, value, effort, and documents.

Have confidence in “the why”

Achieve radical alignment and transparency on products being built between the team and its stakeholders.

Achieve goals by aligning needs and activities

Ensure that goals don’t get lost in the everyday hustle of work. See a clear path from the work that needs to be done to desired results.

The answers you need, before you are asked for them

Hours spent assembling information from various tools (not meant for you) in order to brief stakeholders is a thing of the past. Always know where things stand with a clear path from goals to KPIs.

Make informed decisions quickly

Every day, product managers have to make and defend decisions that impact their product and the value their products deliver. Make smarter, faster decisions with the right information to create the most valuable customer experience with your product. 

Stay in control of your product success

Product managers need to have visibility into what’s working, what’s not, what’s coming, and what needs to be done to get the best results.

Respond in real-time when things change or go off track

Easily identify and respond to the impact of changes to keep your product on track as you encounter shifting (and sometimes conflicting) priorities and changing requirements.

A collection of Acclaim Products screen shots.

Product management software built for you, no matter what industry your product serves

Whether you work in e-commerce, financial services, healthcare, consumer packaged goods, chemicals, or any other industry; if you are focused on maximizing the value of a product by working with a cross-functional group in your company, Acclaim Products is built for you.

Popular features

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Product health & product metrics

Monitor product metrics and performance toward goals.

A screenshot of Acclaim Products and its release planning feature.

Release planning

Prioritize your options and gain alignment around releases.

An image displaying the Value Matrix feature of Sopheon's Acclaim Products software.

Value matrix

Work on the features that bring the most value.

An image displays the activity tracking feature of the Acclaim Products platform.

My activities

What you need to know to manage your week.

A photo that highlights Acclaim Product's ability to easily visualize your product workflows.

Visualize your product workflow

Product deliverables the way you want to see them.

An image highlighting the Acclaim Products dashboard.

Product management dashboard

Always know how products are progressing and what features bring the most value.

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