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Increase the Value of your Product Portfolio with PPM

Research shows that:

  • 82% of companies can't tell whether their product portfolio is aligned with strategic targets, and
  • 85% make innovation and new product development (NPD) investment decisions based on politics rather than data.
This is obviously a problem. While companies may recognize that their product portfolio is under performing, many don’t know why or what to do about making improvements to increase their product portfolio value.

Just what do we mean by a Product Portfolio? It is a set of candidate investments that must be considered as a whole to ensure the achievement of specific business objectives. This is typically done through a Product Portfolio Management (PPM) process. Advanced and sophisticated Product Portfolio Management capabilities are usually accomplished using software-based PPM Solutions.

The value of a product portfolio is typically measured via financial metrics such as Net Present Value (NPV), revenue, margin, or the financial amount of costs savings. Although various plans such as increasing the average size of ideas, concepts and projects within the innovation funnel can increase product portfolio value tactically, a strategic approach using software-based PPM solutions for Product Portfolio Management is required to produce sustainable above-average results.

PPM Example

Example of accomplishing “Fewer, Bigger, Better” results with Project and Product Portfolio Management (PPM)

What About Your Company?

Sopheon customers using the Accolade solution have shown typical increases in product portfolio value by 75-100% with some customers such as Parker Hannifin having increased product portfolio value by over 500%!

  • Is your product portfolio achieving your business performance goals?
  • How can you get more from your product portfolio?
  • Would a 50% increase in your product portfolio value make a difference?
“The value of Parker’s product portfolio has increased by more than 500%... We view [Accolade] as being critical to helping create sustainable competitive advantage for our company.”
Craig Maxwell, VP Technology and Innovation, Parker Hannifin

Parker Hannifin Case Study

Learn how Parker Hannifin achieved a 500% increase in the value of their product portfolio

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