Strategic Innovation Planning with Accolade

On average, companies never implement 50% to 70% of their strategic plans because they are not adopted in the organization, and/or fail to achieve the desired results in the time expected.

The primary reason for this dismal record of implementing strategic plans is the lack of processes and systems that connect the strategic business plans to the objectives and execution in functional areas across the entire organization. Many strategic plans require new ideas, innovation planning, and portfolio optimization for implementation to achieve the desired results.

Additionally, the definition and management of the strategic plans is usually a once-a-year event, making it difficult to adapt to changes in business, market or competitive conditions. What business leaders and planners need is a way to collaboratively define, align and maintain innovation targets, strategies, and initiatives to support sustained business success.

That’s what Sopheon’s Accolade is designed to do for your company – provide the tools and capabilities to develop and define coherent strategic plans that are connected through and across your organization. And when things change, you can easily make adjustments that are systematically communicated through your organizational structure, either top-down, or bottom-up.

Innovation planning drives your strategic business objectives into strategic operational and execution plans in your organization.

With Accolade you have the capabilities and processes to develop integrated strategic innovation plans for improving innovation and business performance:
  • Ensuring alignment between innovation strategies and operational activities, with full line-of-sight to identify any gaps that must be closed.
  • Increasing input, collaboration and buy-in from cross-functional business leaders, while reducing the disruption to those that provide input to plans.
  • Relevant stakeholders participate in the process resulting in clear and realistic plans that everyone understands.
  • Enabling easily updated dynamic innovation plans for rapid and appropriate responses to changing market conditions or unforeseen situations.

Solutions Product Accolade Innovation Planner

Effective innovation planning provides clear line-of-sight from strategy to initiatives for executing the plan.

Solutions Product Accolade Innovation Planner

Example of strategic planning grid to visualize key initiatives mapped to critical strategies and timing.

With Accolade you can define strategic innovation plans and improve your innovation planning processes to deliver business results that increase the success rate of your business strategic growth initiatives from below 50% to 75% or higher.

What Customers Say

“Electrolux’s customer-driven approach to product innovation depends upon our being able to effectively define, develop and manage complex, regionally-focused portfolios of technologies, products and product variants. Prior to our adoption of Sopheon’s Accolade system, we had searched unsuccessfully for a PLM solution that could support the layer of business information needed to make sound planning and product range management decisions…these capabilities are game-changing. For Electrolux, they are indispensable.”
Johan Skåntorp, Vice President, Global Product Planning, Electrolux Floor Care & Small Appliances

Learn more about how you can use Accolade to connect and align your new product development (NPD) and innovation planning initiatives with your strategic growth goals:

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