Creating Bigger and Better Ideas & Concepts with Accolade Enterprise Innovation Management

Companies either have too many ideas to sift through, or they want to increase the number of ideas in the funnel. But what is more important is to find and develop high-value new ideas. Research regularly demonstrates that companies are consistently challenged to have enough high-value products in their portfolio. Sopheon’s Accolade is designed to manage the entire ideation funnel from the front end to the back end, to help you identify and select the higher-value ideas for validating concepts and ultimately developing profitable products that move through your new product development (NPD) pipeline and out into the market.

The Accolade idea development software starts by helping you align ideation activities with your company’s market, technology and growth strategies. The solution then stimulates relevant ideas, making it easy for your users to organize and objectively evaluate them, and identify those with the greatest commercial potential. It then helps grow ideas and foster serendipity by flagging similarities among ideas, transmitting alerts on new submissions and enabling easy discovery within a repository of previous entries and campaigns.

Idea development software includes ideation social networks, communities-of-interest or practice, and idea challenges. Idea submitters, planners, R&D, and other internal and authorized external constituents with related interests can converge, exchange thoughts and collaborate on validating ideas and building initial concepts into transformational innovation.

Accolade idea development software covers the entire front end of innovation for ideation, enabling you to:

  • Establish consistent, sustainable ideation methods.
  • Develop the formation of innovation communities to enrich idea portfolios.
  • Make sure ideation efforts are aligned with market, technology and corporate growth strategies.
  • Reduce the time it takes to turn ideas into development projects.
  • Convert small ideas into business-transforming breakthroughs.
  • Leverage you customers, suppliers, partners and other external sources in a managed Open Innovation process.
The Idea Lab portal has a convenient home page dashboard that highlights current activities.

The Accolade portal has a convenient home page dashboard that highlights current activities.

Moreover, the design of the Accolade  platform enables you to seamlessly and efficiently coordinate and synchronize your ideation processes and activities with strategic planning, roadmapping, process and project management, portfolio management and optimization, and resource planning. Accolade Enterprise Innovation Management is the only system in the industry that provides this fully integrated innovation and new product development solution across the entire innovation lifecycle.

If you require a simpler ideation solution, we also offer a lightweight Idea Submission functionality.

Learn more about how to use Accolade idea development software to produce high-value, winning new product ideas:

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