Innovating Through Change Drives Consumer Goods Brand Leadership

Having the ability to quickly adapt, innovate, and differentiate yourself in the marketplace is essential to successfully driving consumer goods brand growth. Organizations thriving in today’s marketplace are those with a finger on the pulse of the market, and the ability to pivot strategic direction and realign innovation portfolios to quickly to meet consumer needs.

Adopting advanced portfolio management and optimization best practices requires a mindset shift from product-focused thinking to customer-focused initiatives, plus a transformation of operational processes that deliver greater transparency to information, investments and product portfolio value.


More Winning Products, Faster

You face enormous pressure to become more customer-focused, along with the need to transform internal operations to become more adaptable to market change, yet maintain alignment with corporate strategy.

  • It's estimated that online sales of consumer products will increase by 350% from $8 billion in 2013 to $36 billion in 2018.1

  • By 2020, many categories will earn as much as 70% of revenue from products less than three years old.2

  • Digital strategy is increasingly becoming part of an overall business strategy for consumer goods companies.3

Lead with a Leader

Sopheon was recently named to Consumer Goods Technology Readers’ Choice List for New Product Development and Introduction (NPDI) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for the ninth straight year.

Consumer Goods enterprises are transforming the way they plan and operate to move faster and deliver impactful innovations in record time. Explore how to solve common hurdles and manage chaos with Accolade >

Digitalize Your Innovation Processes

Accolade enterprise innovation management software automates the management of complex relationships and connections between business units, portfolio structures, data sources and metrics. This software solution provides the means to quickly restructure your entire data model to mirror operational changes, increasing your ability to successfully meet new business needs.

  • Hit Strategic Growth Targets

  • Bring the Right Products to Market at the Right Time

  • Develop Bigger, Better Ideas and Turn Them into Great Products

  • Develop Interlinked Strategic Market, Product and Technology Plans

  • Decrease Time-to-Market

  • Consistently Launch Innovations

  • Streamline Data Collection, Deliverable Creation and Approval, and Regulatory Compliance

  • Enable Transformation with Dynamic Portfolios

  • Enhance Resource Planning

  • Increase Value with Informed Decisions and Integrated Cost-Savings Management

  • Improve Forecasting with Actionable Insights

  • Measure and Analyze Information with Greater Ease and Efficiency

The Central Role of Accolade

Industry Point of View

A recent Deloitte report states: Consumer goods companies are challenged more than ever to develop new products that are considered highly innovative, yet focus on health and wellness/good-for-you products. Moreover, they are encountering a need to apply more agile approaches when developing and testing products while maintaining a balance between innovation and renovation when managing product portfolios.3

“Sopheon was a really strong partner and was instrumental in being able to implement our solution.”
Jenny Tang-Bulk, Portfolio Management Process Manager, Land O'Lakes, Inc.

Your Path Forward

Product innovation begins with strategy and ends with the successful launch of a new product or service. Strategy and portfolio alignment, clarity of goals, real-time information, and efficient tools and processes go hand-in-hand to deliver successful product introductions.

Allow us to partner with you to digitalize and automate your new product development activities, execute innovation strategies with more speed and agility, and improve overall innovation performance. We can help you shift from a reliance on line extensions to breakthrough innovations. Through this transformation, you’ll be able to easily and successfully identify what’s coming next for your business.

Procter & Gamble
Land O' Lakes

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