Flexible Deployment and Access with Accolade Cloud Solutions

Your business needs an innovation solution now and:

  • You can’t wait for IT resources, constraints and schedules.
  • You want to get started immediately.
  • You don’t have time or resources to install and deploy software internally.
  • You want deployment flexibility now and later.

No problem. Sopheon provides multiple deployment and solution access options to meet your specific business needs and circumstances. Your choice – now and later.

Accolade Cloud provides flexible deployment and access to whatever elements you need in the full Accolade solution suite for innovation in the cloud without compromise. Accolade Cloud is more than just faster deployment. It provides you with flexibility for deployment of and access to what you need now, it supports your growth plans, and since it’s the same software as the on-premises solution, it allows you to switch deployment choices in future.

With Accolade Cloud, you get the complete Accolade solution in a secure, reliable and scalable deployment with all the configurability and accessibility options for high-performance innovation in the cloud.

Our Microsoft Gold-certified staff can help you get up and running with the Accolade Cloud solution quickly and affordably, while minimizing the burden on your IT organization.

Accolade Innovation In The Cloud

Sopheon uses a robust enterprise-class, certified platform designed to keep your system fully operational and your critical data protected and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our support and maintenance processes ensure the highest levels of service quality, reliability, and performance, including rigorous system and data backup procedures.

Sopheon’s IT experts will team with technical and administrative contacts inside your organization to agree on optimal maintenance schedules and to establish protocols for dealing with unexpected events. Through the rigors of this preparation, potential problems are identified and eliminated before they become interruptions to your business.

You have options and flexibility for deploying an innovation-in-the-cloud solution on your terms and schedule.