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I went to the recently concluded INDUSTRY: The Product Conference. There were a lot of attendees from the products and innovations industry. They talked about product strategy, product development, data and analytics, and customer development. However, the most memorable aspect of the event is how some of them talked about the importance of retaining a company’s humanity and customer-centric approach as they scale. 

In today’s episode, I discuss what I learned from attending Industry: The Product Conference. I highlight the speakers I liked and the topics they focused on. I explain why being first in the market is not essential to finding success. I describe the importance of establishing your company’s vision from the customer’s perspective. I also detail an experience my son had with a recent business transaction that was entirely digital. 

"Your vision needs to be rich—it needs narrative and depth, not one-liners in a paragraph." - Paul Heller 

This week on Innovation Talks: 

  • The speakers at the conference and guests I’d like to have 
  • Why 95% of products fail 
  • Why it's not critical to be first to market in innovation 
  • Interesting and relatively unknown facts about Instagram 
  • Expressing your business's vision from the customer's point of view 
  • The problems the digital world helps solve regarding customer interaction 

Resources Mentioned: 

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