Roadmapping Dos and Don'ts with Mike Belsito


Mike Belsito is the Co-founder of Product Collective, an independent online community for product management professionals. The community serves over 40,000 product management professionals in helping each other create the best products for their consumers. Mike has over ten years of experience in various startup companies, having held positions as an employee and executive. Mike is also the host of the Rocketship.FM podcast is a show for entrepreneurs and other tech industry members.

Mike joins me today to discuss how complex roadmaps can be and why they can be a rewarding experience. He shares why he is passionate about creating roadmaps. He describes why roadmaps shouldn’t be treated as promises. He explains the importance of establishing a theme or narrative when plotting roadmaps. Mike also details what consumers want from their products and reveals how organizations should adjust their roadmaps when disruptions occur.

"When it comes to roadmaps, things change and that's okay. Always make it a point to brush up on how things are changing." - Mike Belsito

This week on Innovation Talks:

  • Why Mike is passionate about product roadmapping
  • Creating and executing a roadmap that matches your company's goals
  • Why roadmaps are a plan, not a promise
  • What customers actually care about in a product
  • The parts of a roadmap and the narrative it provides
  • How roadmaps can give a sense of momentum and accomplishment
  • Mike's thoughts on sharing roadmaps across organizations
  • The complexities involved in roadmapping
  • The best way to respond to changes in roadmaps

Connect with Mike Belsito:

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