An Introduction to Strategic Roadmapping

/An Introduction to Strategic Roadmapping

An Introduction to Strategic Roadmapping

Roadmapping has emerged as a best practice for aligning business functions with corporate strategy and projecting with precision into the future. But what does product or technology “roadmapping” involve?

Strategic roadmapping enables decision-makers to gain a multidimensional view into the future and manipulate planning data to reveal the outcomes of their planning scenarios. Creating technology and product roadmaps allows companies to project far into the future with the confidence that their strategic decisions are fueled by high-quality, up-to-date information. Roadmapping is about more than just moving ahead in a common direction; it provides decision-makers with the confidence that they are moving ahead in the right direction.

This paper explains the fundamentals behind roadmapping, including what it is, how companies are using roadmapping, and the results they are attaining.

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