Portfolio Optimization: What Else Can I Do with Accolade?

This is the final article in a three-part series on portfolio optimization.

As discussed in parts one and two of this series, Accolade does the heavy lifting when optimizing resources among competing projects and determining the best portfolio mix. It delivers the insights and reliable information executives need so they can be confident when making tough decisions.

In addition to assisting leaders in making informed portfolio decisions, Accolade brings value to employees working daily within portfolios by increasing efficiency and visibility while making it simple to report information back up the chain of command.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

Scenario A

I have a lot of projects that need a handful of their metrics updated. How can I accomplish this?

Imagine working with a row and column grid that contains all of the projects that need mass updating to key metrics. Take advantage of Accolade's Excel-like functions to quickly update your portfolio of projects. You can jump between and edit projects in one place, saving ample amounts of time.

Scenario B

I want a quick view of a subset of my company's portfolio and subtotal key KPIs. How do I do that without creating a separate report or working in Excel? People need the ability to slice and dice subsets of their organization's portfolios to gain rapid insights into key KPIs within their existing pipeline of projects. Just like in Scenario A, you can quickly build a subset of projects and respond to a decision maker's request WITHOUT having to create a report or separate chart. Leverage this powerful capability to change the view of the data dynamically, create and then communicate the desired information with speed.

Scenario C

My resource assumptions have changed. Can I incorporate these new assumptions into my scenario?

Add more power to your portfolio scenarios with the ability to change resource assumptions. Accolade enables users to quickly view and change demand assumptions to automatically assign changes over the project's life. Incorporate these changes back to your “what-if” scenario and continue on with your analysis with the most up-to-date information.

Let's Talk Portfolio Value

All of the examples I described above are safe and sound within the confines of a scenario – essentially separate from your Accolade production system. It allows you to see portfolio scenarios before committing to them. Once deemed the best scenario to maximize value, it can be implemented.

If you would like to explore any of the benefits discussed in this three-part series on portfolio optimization, please reach out to me on LinkedIn. Let's have a discussion and determine if Accolade is the appropriate tool to help you and your organization achieve optimal portfolio balance.

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