Sopheon Delivers on Customer and Market Commitments with Accolade® Release 8.2 Enterprise Innovation Performance Solution

New release provides fully-integrated business processes for the entire innovation management and new product development life-cycle.

MINNEAPOLIS and LONDON—January 22, 2013—Sopheon, the international provider of software, expertise, and best practices for Enterprise Innovation Performance, announced today the latest version of its Accolade innovation software solution.  Accolade 8.2 is a significant release with a broad range of new and enhanced capabilities for all users and processes from executive management all the way through and across an organization. With Accolade 8.2 businesses are able, for the first time, to access a single source of the truth from a fully-integrated solution across the entire innovation management and new product development lifecycle.

Accolade release 8.2 offers a powerful combination of new functionality, improvements to existing Accolade capabilities, technology advancements, and a range of new and enhanced features, including:

  • Introduction of a new Portfolio Center stand-alone module with expanded portfolio management and optimization capabilities enabling portfolio managers to be more effective and efficient.
  • Introduction of the new Innovation Planner solution to help cross-functional business leaders collaborate to effectively define innovation plans that connect and align top-down and bottom-up plans across the business.
  • New, expanded, and easier to use Resource Planning functionality for improved management, planning and optimization of resources for innovation and new product development initiatives / projects.
  • Improved and additional support for project teams including virtual gate meetings, easier project tracking, faster and easier location and tracking of projects and related documents, and improved traceability of gate decisions.
  • Additional enablement of global teams with multiple international language support.
  • Improved user search and classification with extended user field capabilities.
  • Additional Project Link Importer capability to easily mass import legacy projects and their relationships.
  • Continued expansion and improvement of the Accolade solution and technology platform previously introduced with release 8.0, to provide more efficient IT installation, operations, integration and maintenance capabilities.


Accolade Solution

Sopheon’s Accolade solution provides integrated support for innovation planning, roadmapping, idea and concept development, process management, and portfolio management.


With this release, Sopheon continues to extend the market leadership of the Accolade solution with expanded functionality for users and business processes.  This new release demonstrates our commitment and belief that companies can achieve exceptional long-term revenue growth and profitability through sustainable product or service differentiation, by focusing on their enterprise innovation performance.

Don Sarno, Vice President of Product Development at Sopheon who has worked closely with customers and buyers over the past years, stated:

“I am proud of our 8.2 release for its advancement of Accolade’s industry leading capability in Portfolio optimization and innovation team collaboration. Many of Sopheon’s industry-leading customers were instrumental with their input driving the advancements represented in this release.  We are excited to bring 8.2 to market with high expectations of driving the best results in the industry for our customers’ Enterprise Innovation Performance.”

Accolade release 8.2 is available immediately for purchase and implementation.  All Sopheon Accolade customers who are current on Maintenance and Support program fees are entitled to receive updates to their currently licensed products for this and future release upgrades at no cost.

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