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Sopheon’s Accolade Enterprise Innovation Performance Software
– The Complete, Integrated Solution for All Your Needs

There’s more to innovation management, new product development (NPD) and product lifecycle management (PLM) than finding ideas, managing projects, and product data management (PDM). The Accolade innovation software suite is a fully integrated solution encompassing all aspects of the innovation and new product development lifecycle across all relevant functions in your organization.

The diagram below depicts Accolade’s comprehensive, integrated innovation management software solution in the four key areas of enterprise innovation performance, along with links to more information on each solution module:

How We Deliver the Best Innovation Performance Results

  • One-stop, complete, integrated innovation management solution includes best-in-class software, domain expertise and best practices.
  • Solutions designed from the ground up to improve your enterprise innovation performance.
  • Highly configurable and scalable innovation management solutions. Start where you want, then expand and adapt as your needs evolve.
  • Benefit from our 15+ years’ experience working with the world’s leading innovators and best known brands.
  • We partner with you to achieve exceptional long-term revenue and profitability growth through sustainable product or service differentiation, by focusing on your enterprise innovation performance.

Learn more about Sopheon’s Accolade Enterprise Innovation Performance Software, click on the links above for details on each solution module, and these additional resources: