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The business case for sustainability in an uncertain world

Supply chain snarls. Surging energy costs. Geopolitical instability. It’s exceptionally difficult to be confident about what tomorrow will bring in today’s business environment. And with the chemical industry trying, however fitfully, to move toward a more sustainable future, the day-to-day challenges of operating can make that long-term strategic focus fall away.

But that doesn’t make sustainability and innovation any less critical to your company’s ability to navigate these troubled waters. Pressure from investors, consumers, and regulators is here to stay; high oil and gas prices underscore the need for more renewable sources of energy in the long haul. Sustainability should – and will – remain an imperative.

Join Chemical Week and Sopheon for a discussion of how to drive and adjust strategies for sustainability and innovation in light of unprecedented uncertainty and volatility.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why the business case for sustainability has changed, and how to respond to those changes
  • How forward-looking portfolio management can help clarify thinking and make critical decisions around innovation
  • Best practices for integrating sustainability into your innovation process and ensuring that process is flexible and adaptive as conditions evolve

Webinar Presenters

Hans-Cristian Eppich

Director Business Development, Sopheon

Huub Rutten

VP of Product Research and Design and co-founder of Sopheon,

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