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PDMA Webcast: Product health is a critical item for product managers to actively manage

Product health is not just a laundry list of metrics to look at occasionally, it’s a way of steering your product’s holistic success.

In this PDMA webcast, Sopheon's Chief Product Officer Mike Bauer explains why product health is a critical item for product managers to actively manage.

You'll learn more about:

• The rationale for monitoring your product’s health
• The guidelines for selecting key metrics
• How to think about the appropriate metrics for your product
• How to use those metrics to make product tradeoffs and decisions
• What actively managing a product’s health looks like

Watch now and gain awareness of an often-overlooked aspect of a product professional’s responsibility.

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About the presenter

Michael Bauer

Chief Product Officer

Mike Bauer joined Sopheon as Chief Product Officer in February 2021. As a proven leader known for steering cross-functional organizations in bringing successful new products to market, he mentors and accelerates Sopheon’s SaaS solutions. Mike has his BSEE from Ohio State University and his MBA from Harvard Business School.

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