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Strategy execution

Why is Strategy Execution a pain for many companies? Most companies are great at developing strategies. Some of those strategies are “must haves” like everything around regulation and compliances.

Most mid-term strategies reflect the view that enterprise has on the world and how it will take advantage of the situation at hand. Nicely written up in their annual reports, most companies lie out their plans to gain market share, grow in new areas or even transform their business.

Yet when we look at it, when we do a reality check and compare the investments of these companies with their strategic plans it becomes apparent that only a fraction of all enterprises puts their money where their mouth is. Because while strategy development and communication are about knowing something, strategy execution is about doing something. The gap between what you know and what you do is often huge. Add in the necessity of having everyone acting in alignment with each other, and it gets even huger.

Watch as HC explores how companies can master the art of strategic planning, communicating clearly and aligning long-term objectives with day-to-day operations even when the systemic element of tying strategy to execution seems “solvable” by IT.

HC took part in the Strategy, Leadership & Organization Connect Event hosted by Innov8rs.


About the presenter

Hans-Cristian Eppich

Director Business Development

Hans-Cristian is Director Business Development at Sopheon, an international provider of software, expertise, and best practices for enterprise innovation performance.

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