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Increase the probability of success for your product portfolio investments with project portfolio management software

Do any of these typical new product development (NPD) challenges sound familiar in your organization?

  • “Our portfolios and resources are not aligned with our strategies and objectives.”
  • “Our resources are maxed out due to time wasted on too many low-value projects.”
  • “We lack visibility to high-quality, accurate data so we make gut-based decisions.”
  • “Our annual decision cycle means we are slow to adjust our portfolios and can’t respond to market changes.”

If so, you’re not alone. Many organizations grapple with these issues and challenges because they don’t have effective product portfolio management (PPM) practices and processes.

Product and project portfolio management software is increasingly regarded as a critical driver of innovation performance. Resource constraints are always present in any business and should be an integral part of portfolio planning, optimization and management. You must be able to easily visualize, explore, prioritize, and resource your portfolios of new product development and innovation investments.

With Accolade you can improve the speed and impact of investment decision-making, increasing your portfolio value by 75-100%. How?

  • A highly efficient “top-down” method to define and manage resource demand and capacity
  • An optimization engine that suggests ideal investment scenarios based on multiple constraints
  • Sophisticated dashboards and analytics that streamline the monitoring of portfolio health and status.
Project Portfolio Management Software
Key benefits of Accolade for your organization and business success:

  1. Focus your limited resources on the greatest growth opportunities.
  2. Get secure, real-time monitoring of portfolios at strategic and operational levels.
  3. Dramatically reduce the effort required to create and manage your portfolio data.
  4. Ensure that your portfolio and resource plans can adapt as your business evolves.
Flexible definition and management of key portfolio metrics

What Customers Say

“Accolade will help us enhance our reporting capabilities and support the kind of ‘what-if’ analysis required to make the right go/kill business decisions on projects coming into our developmental pipeline. We view Accolade as a critical component of our value-creation strategy.”
Roy Phillipps, former Global R&D Director, Scott Bader

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