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Who is Sopheon?

In the previous episode, I took some time to explain the purpose of this podcast. Before we start diving into innovative topics, it may be helpful for you to better understand Sopheon, and how we became an innovative company. Understanding our background will help better understand why this podcast is dedicated to innovation. In this episode, I discuss in greater detail, what Sopheon is and the types of services it provides. I explain what linguistic analysis is and how it helps businesses. I talk about some of the major events that have led the business to where it is today. I also share the Greek words that the name Sopheon is based on.

“The more companies we work with, the more we learned, and the more we understood that there was something much bigger here than just new product development.” – Paul Heller 

This week on Innovative Talks:
  • What Sopheon started doing back in the 90’s in the Netherlands
  • How linguistic analysis helped identify protocols for hospitals
  • When Sopheon came to the US
  • The merger between Sopheon and Teltech
  • How the term “New Product Development” changed into “Innovation”
  • Sopheon’s mission through innovation
  • The origin of Sopheon’s name
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