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Jeff Eiben is the Founder and CEO of River Point Technology, a digital service provider. They provide solutions that help level up businesses, including Cloud Platforms and DevOps. Jeff was chosen as one of the Top 100 Innovators and Influencers in Technology in 2020 by Intercon and led River Point as a NextGen 250 winner through CRN. Jeff’s commitment to technology talent has also made him set up a STEM scholarship at his high school alma mater.  

Jeff joins me today to describe the current state of cloud-based systems and what it was like when they were among their first adopters. He explains why companies don’t like being the first to adopt new technology. He shares how they help clients understand the value of the latest innovation. He discusses why Big Data didn’t take off as many expected. Jeff also shares his thoughts on the future of the innovation industry. 

“Culture is not something you can control; it’s something that comes along for the ride as success happens.” - Jeff Eiben 

This week on Innovation Talks: 

  • What Jeff observed in the cloud-based industry over the last decade 
  • Why companies hesitate to be the first to adopt new technology 
  • The challenges of being years ahead technologically 
  • Making organizations understand the value of a new shiny object 
  • Why Big Data didn’t become the next big thing 
  • Jeff’s thoughts on company culture 
  • What Jeff thinks will happen in the future of innovation 

Connect with Jeff Eiben: 

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