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The role of project management in innovation with Ketan Jahagirdar


Ketan Jahagirdar is Sopheon’s Director of Product Management and has been with the company since December 2021. Before joining Sopheon, Ketan founded ROI Blueprints, which provides cloud-based project management software for various businesses. He has over 25 years of experience in technology strategy, program management, and enterprise architecture. Ketan specializes in telematic solutions, IT strategy, distributed systems, and program management.

Ketan joins me today to describe how project management and innovation go hand-in-hand. He explains why mapping out your process is the first step in project management. He shares why an idea for a product or service will require different types of projects before it reflects in your income statement. He discusses data-driven metrics and how they factor in the success of a new project. Ketan also details the two prominent types of project management offices and reveals why resource allocation is always a complicated topic.

"In project management, the first thing we do is build out the processes—lay out our process maps." - Ketan Jahagirdar

This week on Innovation Talks:

  • Where project management fits in innovation
  • How Ketan got involved in project management
  • Ketan's career at Sopheon and his role in project management
  • Ketan's advice to those looking for the right tools for project management
  • What it means to map out your process
  • The two main types of project management offices.
  • The different projects that happen under a new product
  • Data-driven metrics, and why they are important
  • Ketan's thoughts on resources and why it's a complex topic

Connect with Ketan Jahagirdar:

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