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Taking a systematic approach to the product management process


Steve Johnson is a speaker and product coach consulting on modern methods that move ideas to market. He is the author of Turn Ideas Into Product and has served as an advisor and executive for technical organizations and industry associates. He is a former instructor and vice president at Pragmatic Marketing and a co-creator of QuartzOpen Framework. He is also a founding partner of the Product Growth Leaders community. Steve has a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Computer Science from Hallam College of Business at the University of Tennessee. Steve joins me today to discuss the process of product management. He shares why leaders need to understand the differences between the roles of product managers and product owners. Steve shares his definition of product management and discusses the importance of a systematic approach. He reveals where companies should begin with their product process and why it is imperative to start with personas. He shares how to problem solve using design, as well as the issues businesses experience when product managers play the role of designer or developer.

"The goal of design is not beauty, but when you are done with the design, if it's not beautiful, you have made a mistake." - Steve Johnson


This week on Innovation Talks:
  • How changing the role of product managers to product owners can cause problems
  • Why you should only focus on ten or fewer of the 37 boxes of the pragmatic framework
  • Finding your best practice and implementing product ops to create consistency and standardization
  • How Steve's "No Chaos Product Process" works and the differences between Waterfall and Agile product development
  • The role of documentation in product management and why there should be a more significant focus on communication
  • Why achieving superior product management involves loving the problem more than the product
  • How many product managers are performing the roles of designers and developers and the problem this creates when building a business
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