The need for innovation management systems


When we talk about systems, we are discussing a process and the software application that enables it. There are a glut of reasons why having an effective system is beneficial. Primarily, it has been proven many times that a good system leads to better execution and innovation. Also, with software, there is reduced admin, making it easier to work in that process and automate portfolios, collaborate, cooperate, report, dashboard, and analyze with a single source of truth. In today's episode, I discuss the need for good innovation management systems. I highlight America's problem with high turnover rates and share examples of this in innovation as well as the implications for companies and their projects. I offer reasons for reviewing your systems, processes, and framework. I also discuss how this will allow you to pass on knowledge during the current high turnover environment and bring on board new team members.

"We need to make sure that our systems are going to cater to the changing workforce." - Paul Heller


This week on Innovation Talks:

  • What is driving the turnover problem in America and the effects on innovation, company knowledge, and their projects
  • The importance of making sure knowledge is captured, organized, and accessible
  • When to review your governance systems and decision-making framework
  • Bringing new hires on board and bringing them up to speed with a sound innovation management system
  • When the trend of high staff turnover will come to an end
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