The Journey to World-class Innovation with Noel Sobelman


Noel Sobelman is a partner at Accel Management Group, a business and consulting company that gives clients in the tech and life sciences data-driven competitive advantages in innovations and operations.  With 35 years of professional experience, Noel has become an expert in innovation. He is responsible for directing a wide range of transformational initiatives in the areas of management and innovation. He’s also a frequent speaker and writer on innovation topics, having addressed innovation’s effectiveness in disrupting legacy systems. 

Noel Sobelman joins me today to describe the five keys of transformative innovation. He details his passion for innovation and the articles he’s written. He discusses what the five keys are and how they solve many problems regarding innovation management and strategy. He explains how leaders can appropriately allocate resources to high-value projects. Noel also shares his thoughts on leadership in the innovation industry. 

“Leadership needs to continually combat that tendency toward complacency” - Noel Sobelman 

This week on Innovation Talks: 

  • Writing about innovation and building transformative innovation 
  • The five keys of transformative innovation 
  • Finding the roadblocks that prevent transformative innovation 
  • Properly allocating resources based on strategy and alignment 
  • What leaders should change to become more effective in resource allocation 

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