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The governance pillar of portfolio management with Huub Rutten


Huub Rutten is the co-founder of Sopheon and its Vice President of Product Research and Design. He helped establish Polydoc, Sopheon's ancestor, in 1993. Before launching Sopheon, He spent over 15 years teaching college students communication skills and linguistic disciplines. Huub then pursued a career in strategy development for various industries, including banking, medical services, and aviation.

Huub joins me today to discuss the Governance Pillar of Portfolio Management. He shares the challenges of allocating resources as a portfolio manager. He explains what the Rules of Governance Charter should entail and why having one is essential. He describes the key differences between technology-driven and marketing-driven growth. Huub also clarifies what it means to cultivate a culture of innovation in your organization.

"When you don't have a governance system in place, there is chaos." - Huub Rutten

This week on Innovation Talks:

  • What it means to have governance around portfolio management
  • The challenges of being a portfolio manager when allocating resources
  • The importance of having a Rules of Governance Charter
  • The difference between technology-driven and marketing-driven growth
  • The importance of cultivating a culture of innovation

Connect with Huub Rutten:

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