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The AIM Institute with Dan Adams part two


Dan Adams is the Founder and President of The AIM Institute, which provides growth tools and services that cater to B2B product development needs. They also developed a free video course consisting of 50 two-minute videos to help B2B leaders drive organic growth. Dan wrote the book, New Product Blueprinting: The Handbook for B2B Organic Growth, to show B2B leaders that having a more knowledgeable customer base gives them an advantage when it comes to growth. In part two of this series, Dan describes what people can expect when they read his latest book and how they can implement its lessons in their business seamlessly. He explains the explosion of cloud-based software and how it cut the gap for project collaborations. He discusses The AIM Institute's Minesweeper Project De-Risking service and how it helps communicate project risks clearly to management. Dan also offers advice to leaders who want to find success in innovations.

"When you go into an unfamiliar market, you may be doing some transformational innovation." - Dan Adams


This week on Innovation Talks:

  • Dan's definition of market segments and innovating for them
  • What readers can expect from his latest book
  • What happens when you do blueprinting in familiar markets
  • What Minesweeper Project De-Risking is
  • Collaborations between industries and universities
  • How cloud-based software enables easier and smoother project collaborations
  • Dan's advice to people who want to be successful in innovation
  • What most business leaders want
Connect with Dan Adams:

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