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Six W's in innovation


Innovation is more than just bringing in the latest tools and technology to keep your product and service relevant. Before making sure your offering to the market is up to date, you must first understand your market, the industry's needs, and which features to add or what upgrade to make. To properly understand what it means to innovate, you must define your product's six W's. In this episode, I explain the six W's in innovation. I describe the importance of knowing your consumers. I discuss why having too many features can be detrimental to innovation. I share the value of asking "why" before implementing any additions or changes to your product. I also share various examples of each "W" and how you can apply them to your organization.

"You should know your customers better than they know themselves." - Paul Heller


This week on Insert: Human

  • What the six W's are regarding product innovation
  • Determining the "who" of innovation and the people behind it
  • Knowing where to market your product or where to innovate
  • Launching your product in the right time
  • Why your product shouldn't have too many features
  • Understanding the reasons to start with "why"
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