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SaaS pricing and packaging with Dan Balcauski, part one


Dan Balcauski is the founder and Chief Pricing Officer at Product Tranquility, a firm specializing in value creation and helping clients boost productivity and growth and improve customer loyalty. He provides strategic pricing and packaging consultations to high-volume B2B SaaS CEOs. Dan is also a program leader for Northwestern University - Kellogg School of Management and is part of Toptal’s Top 3% Worldwide Product Management Professionals. 

Dan joins me today to describe Product Tranquility, its services, and how they help businesses develop pricing strategies that lead to growth. He explains what most companies get wrong about pricing and his definition of pricing from the viewpoint of value. He discusses value cascade and the best ways to understand your customers. Dan also shares why pricing isn’t necessarily a primary driver of business growth. 

“Intelligent price management starts with intelligent value management.” - Dan Balcauski 

This week on Innovation Talks: 

  • Product Tranquility and how they got started 
  • What people get wrong about pricing 
  • Dan’s definition of value in pricing 
  • Value cascade and the best way to understand your customers 

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Connect with Dan Balcauski: 

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