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SaaS pricing and packaging with Dan Balcauski part 2


Dan Balcauski founded Product Tranquility, a firm that helps businesses grow and increase their bottom line through intelligent pricing and packaging strategies. Dan defines pricing not as an end goal, but as a means to a more efficient business plan that will sustain customer interest for the long term. In the last episode, Dan talked about the company’s genesis, the services they offer, and what most businesses get wrong about pricing.  

In part two of this series, Dan discusses why start-ups should be cautious about copying what Fortune 500 companies do. He shares how customer segmentation affects your pricing strategy. He explains the elements of business packaging and how to ensure you don’t overwhelm your sales team. Dan also describes why you should think of pricing as a process. 

“Modern marketing falls into understanding segmentation, targeting, and positioning.” - Dan Balcauski 

This week on Innovation Talks: 

  • Why start-ups shouldn’t copy what Fortune 500 companies are doing 
  • How customer segmentation impacts pricing 
  • Why pricing and packaging are functions of your positioning 
  • The elements of business packaging 
  • Dan’s advice for those who don’t understand pricing 

Connect with Dan Balcauski: 

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