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Realm of sustainability with Jeffrey Whitford


Jeffrey Whitford is the Head of Sustainability, Social Business Innovation, and Life Science Branding at MilliporeSigma. During his 17 years with Sigma-Aldrich and MilliporeSigma, Jeffrey has developed compelling platforms that drive corporate social responsibility. His previous roles include Head of Global Corporate Responsibility for Millipore Sigma and Director of Global Citizenship for Sigma-Aldrich. He has a Master of Business Administration degree in Marketing from Washington University in St. Louis Olin Business School and a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and Advertising from the University of Missouri-Columbia. He is currently a board member with My Green Lab, a non-profit focusing on improving the sustainability of scientific research. Jeffrey joins me today to discuss the realm of sustainability. He shares how companies can drive sustainability through energy efficiency, renewables, product design, materials, and packaging. He highlights the importance of investing in non-profit organizations and having access to high-quality education. Jeffrey divulges the processes of leveraging data and using the DOZN Tool to utilize the 12 principles of green chemistry. He explains why it is vital to take a circular approach to waste and recycling. Jeffrey also underscores the social side of sustainability and the need for longer perspectives of the total cost of ownership when making decisions.

"We need to drive sustainability both on the environmental and social side." - Jeffrey Whitford


This week on Innovation Talks:
  • Scaling and globalizing while driving sustainability and investing in communities
  • The need to provide people with clear operating frameworks and use sustainability as a lens of the work they do
  • Leveraging data to make the 12 principles of green chemistry practical
  • Exploring the DOZN Tool
  • The challenges in quantifying and measuring green principles
  • Why scientists need more tools with a smaller footprint to solve the paradigm of scientific research
  • The role of economics in tackling the issues with waste and finding better ways to use materials after recycling
  • The challenges of working with imperfect data and data gathering for second, third, and fourth-tier supply chain components
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