Project governance do’s and don’ts with Noel Sobelman


Noel Sobelman is a partner at Accel Management Group. Accel Management is a business consulting and services firm that helps high-tech and life sciences companies boost speed to market, increase profitability, and drive costs down. As a partner, Noel works with corporate leaders in growth strategy, portfolio management, and innovation capability building. He has also authored several online articles about innovation as a system.

Noel joins me today to discuss how leaders can make project decisions based on evidence and portfolio objectives. He shares how an organization can establish a “Growth Board” and its purpose. He explains the right time to decline an opportunity. He describes why consumers like to say one thing regarding product surveys, then say something different when the product goes live. Noel also outlines his “reverse income statement approach” and reveals how leaders can find assumptions when an opportunity knocks.

"It's okay to say no to things that aren't looking as promising to reallocate resources to something more promising." - Noel Sobelman

This week on Innovation Talks:

  • How governance and decision-making create a system that works for your company
  • The importance of linking your decisions to your portfolio objectives
  • Establishing a "Growth Board" in your organization
  • The significant assumptions we need to validate a customer's needs and opportunities
  • When to decline an opportunity
  • The difference between an event-based and schedule-based approach to growth
  • What Noel means by evidence strength in allocating funds
  • Why consumer opinion during a survey is different when the product launches
  • The "reverse income statement" approach
  • Finding the assumptions at a given opportunity

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