Navigating product management with a goal and KPIs with Brian Utz


Brian Utz is the Director of Product Management at Sopheon. His responsibilities include defining and communicating Sopheon’s core product strategies, encompassing idea generation, setting goals, and marketing and launching products. Brian most recently has been at the center of creating and launching Sopheon’s newest product, Acclaim Products by Sopheon, which addresses the needs of product managers. Before joining Sopheon, Brian was the Director of Digital IT Practice at Highmark Health Solutions and VP of Product Management Consumer Lending at PNC Financial Services.

Brian joins me today to discuss product management, goal setting, and what it means to only have one big goal per product. He recounts where his passion for innovation started and what led him to work in product management. He explains the critical difference between a tool that does the job and a tool that does the job better. He describes how goals can inform your team of the product’s overarching purpose. Brian also shares the worst thing that can happen when you’re nearing product launch day.

"Having the goal behind your product allows you to instill that purpose in your whole team." - Brian Utz

This week on Innovation Talks:

  • Brian's professional experience before joining Sopheon
  • How Brian got started in product management
  • The worst thing you can do when nearing product launch
  • The difference between an "okay" and "great" tool
  • Brian's thoughts on generating product goals
  • What the SMART acronym means
  • How many goals a product should have
  • Why you should have one clear "Northstar" for your product

Connect with Brian Utz:

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