Moving from checklists to reusing knowledge


HC Eppich is the Business Development Director at Sopheon, an innovations solutions company that works with clients to provide customized innovation performance tools and expertise. As Business Development Director, HC specializes in competitive strategies, business improvement opportunities, and diverse DACH market experience. HC also obtained certificates from the MEDDIC Academy and LinkedIn's Unconscious Bias course. HC joins me today to discuss Excel and homegrown systems and the best time to move away from them. He explains the challenges of scaling with a focus on legacy systems. He describes the problems involved in going for a checklist business model. He deliberates over the right mindset regarding methods and other tools. HC also shares what you can learn throughout the course of a new project, especially when it fails.

"If you want to rig up a playbook or an innovation system, you need many ingredients."  - HC Eppich


This week on Innovation Talks:

  • Why Excel is the number one tool for management
  • The drawbacks of relying on checklists for your business goals
  • What paralyzes the development of new projects
  • When to stop using Excel for your business
  • The difficulty of changing templates in a large company
  • HC's opinions on homegrown systems used for innovation
  • The mindset innovators need to have regarding the system their company starts with
  • HC's advice regarding migrating toward a better system
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