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Knowledge in Innovation with Steve Rogers


Steve Rogers is the Principal Solutions Architect at Sopheon, a tech company that provides solutions to clients that want long-term revenue growth and profitability. Their products help business leaders make smarter and faster decisions for anything regarding product, business, and operations. As Principal Solutions Architect, Steve is leading Sopheon's product innovation processes and product lifecycle management. Steve has been part of Sopheon for over 27 years. Steve joins me to discuss how innovation can still happen in an innovation-saturated market. He shares what life was like as a young professional in Europe and why he pursued a career in innovations. He explains why he doesn't believe in deleting emails and how companies can provide their customers with a "coffee machine" experience. Steve also describes why small companies will play a significant role in future innovations. "

Being able to find and capture knowledge in a way that is reusable is a challenge that is still with us." - Steve Rogers


This week on Innovation Talks:

  • Who Steve is and what life is like in Europe during winter
  • How Steve got started with innovations
  • Steve's definition of innovation
  • What it means to be innovative when everything has been "over-innovated"
  • Why Steve never deletes his emails
  • What it means to provide a "coffee machine" experience with a product
  • Getting on and off the knowledge management bandwagon
  • Why progress in the innovation industry will come from small companies
Connect with Steve Rogers:

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