IoT innovation with Daniel Elizalde


Daniel Elizalde is a seasoned product executive with over two decades of experience producing B2B industrial and enterprise tools and products for IoT, AI, 5G, and Edge Computing. He is particularly passionate about creating and using technology to address climate change. He has trained over 1,500 product leaders across various companies that produce IoT and SaaS products. Daniel is also the author of the book The B2B Innovator’s Map, which explains the steps involved in idea generation and how to get your first few customers.

Daniel joins me today to describe the different innovations surrounding IoT. He explains the importance of security and cites some examples of potential fatal security flaws. He shares how innovators approach IoT differently. He discusses machine learning and why it’s not the goal of any IoT project. Daniel also details some challenges in producing IoT for consumers and the complexities involved in cost computations based on aggregated data.

"When working with IoT, security must be at the heart of your consideration early on.” - Daniel Elizalde

This week on Innovation Talks:

  • Daniel's thoughts on IoT and innovation
  • The challenge with creating IoT for the consumer space
  • The different ways innovators approach IoT
  • Challenges associated with computing costs based on data
  • Why IoT is no longer a technical or chronological problem
  • Examples of machine learning around IoT
  • Why the goal isn't to use machine learning
  • Guaranteeing cybersecurity for IoT

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