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Introduction to innovation talks with Paul Heller


Welcome to Innovation Talks. I'm your host Paul Heller, the Chief Technology Officer at Sopheon, and I'm excited that you’re listening and want to be a part of this new podcast. Innovation is at the core of software we produce to make our client’s job easier, however, technology is only one piece of the innovative solution. Get ready to learn about business innovation from industry leaders, customers, and other innovation experts. In this episode, I take some time to welcome you and introduce you to the start of the Innovation Talks Podcast. I tell you a bit about my background, my experience, and why I started this podcast. I also explain the purpose and intent of this podcast, and what you can look forward to in episodes to come.

“Software is a great solution to help companies do a better job at innovation bringing products to market, but it's only one part.” – Paul Heller
This week on Innovative Talks:
  • Who is Paul Heller
  • What is Sopheon
  • Who Sopheon works with
  • The purpose of this podcast
  • The type of content to expect from future episodes

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