Integrating sustainability to make an impact with Hannah Keartland


Hannah Keartland is the Outsourced Chief Impact Officer at Keartland & Co., a consulting service that helps businesses utilize sustainability as their competitive advantage. She helps organizations develop an actionable roadmap, create a budget and resource plan, and identify quick wins to make sustainability part of their business identity. Hannah also finished a short course on business sustainability management at the Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership. Hannah joins me today to discuss how businesses can lead the charge in normalizing sustainability practices. She describes the current drive for organizations to develop sustainability programs. She explains how the plant-based industry has taken strides in creating lab-grown meat, which uses less resources. Hannah also shares her five-step sustainability approach, and the problems businesses should collectively tackle and solve.

"We have some big socio-environmental challenges that we need to tackle, and the only way to tackle them successfully is with business." - Hannah Keartland


This week on Innovation Talks:

  • How Hannah sees her career from the viewpoint of sustainability
  • Environmental sustainability from a business perspective
  • The driving force behind the surge of sustainability in companies
  • The responsibility of businesses to not harm the environment
  • The biggest problem businesses need to tackle
  • The tipping points that will make every industry change for sustainability
  • What sustainable development goals mean to businesses
  • The problems that need to be solved for sustainability to be normalized
  • Hannah's five-step approach to sustainability
Connect with Hannah Keartland:

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