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Innovation in education technology with Andy Hannah


Andy Hannah is the President and Co-founder of Othot, a web-based and AI-driven company that provides analytics services focused on the education sector. They help organizations in the higher education sector optimize relationships with students and alumni at an individual level. As President, Andy creates strategies that achieve the company’s visions and build cultures with core values of vision, collaboration, ethics, and leadership. Andy joins me today to discuss what Othot is and the services it offers. He describes his entrepreneurial journey, the challenges he has faced, and why he is fond of helping other start-ups. He explains what it means to democratize predictive analytics and outlines how it promotes individualized relationship development for educational institutions. Andy also shares actionable advice to those who want to get started in innovation.

"You need technology and delivery platforms that enable you to personalize and individualize." - Andy Hannah


This week on Innovation Talks:

  • Why Othot was developed
  • Andy's entrepreneurial journey and the challenges he overcame
  • Democratizing predictive analytics and its applications in education
  • Andy’s beliefs regarding the value of a product
  • The biggest hurdle in innovating the education industry
  • Instilling a culture of growth in start-ups
Connect with Andy Hannah:

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